M. G. Stone

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The survival and clonogenic growth (measured in terms of colony forming efficiency (CFE) of intravenously injected (i.v.) Walker (W256) tumour cells in the lungs of rats was greatly enhanced by states of topical and systemic stress induced by the intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of rats with a single dose of 10(-5)-10(-3) mmol g-1 body weight of adrenaline(More)
An apparatus which has been widely used in rats for measuring swelling of the foot induced locally by inflammatory agents has been adapted to measure rapidly, accurately and objectively, the growth of tumour cells transplanted to the foot, and the reactions of the normal tissues (tumour bed) to tumour growth. General features on the apparatus and the(More)
Subdermal inoculation of the foot of the rat with lethally irradiated (LI) Walker tumour (W256) cells, mixed with viable (V) W256 cells, decreased the latent period for initiation of allogeneic tumour growth without significantly affecting its rate. This Révész effect decreased with increase in the number of inoculated V cells, and with decrease in age of(More)
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