M. G. Stone

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INTRODUCTION We hypothesised that gene expression in histologically normal (HN) epithelium (NlEpi) would differ between breast cancer patients and usual-risk controls undergoing reduction mammoplasty (RM), and that gene expression in NlEpi from cancer-free prophylactic mastectomy (PM) samples from high-risk women would resemble HN gene expression. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE to assess whether specialist osteoporosis nurses delivering training to care home staff can reduce fractures and improve the prescription of treatments to reduce fractures versus usual care. DESIGN pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial (RCT) with randomisation at the Primary Care Organisation (PCO) level. SETTING care homes(More)
The survival and clonogenic growth (measured in terms of colony forming efficiency (CFE) of intravenously injected (i.v.) Walker (W256) tumour cells in the lungs of rats was greatly enhanced by states of topical and systemic stress induced by the intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of rats with a single dose of 10(-5)-10(-3) mmol g-1 body weight of adrenaline(More)
Techniques to classify and map Tasmania's native forests by stereoscopic interpretation of aerial photographs were developed in the late 1940s to facilitate systematic forest management. Completion of statewide map coverage was achieved in 1996 after considerable evolution of interpretation and mapping methods. Current photo-interpretation (PI) typing(More)
An apparatus which has been widely used in rats for measuring swelling of the foot induced locally by inflammatory agents has been adapted to measure rapidly, accurately and objectively, the growth of tumour cells transplanted to the foot, and the reactions of the normal tissues (tumour bed) to tumour growth. General features on the apparatus and the(More)
Subdermal inoculation of the foot of the rat with lethally irradiated (LI) Walker tumour (W256) cells, mixed with viable (V) W256 cells, decreased the latent period for initiation of allogeneic tumour growth without significantly affecting its rate. This Révész effect decreased with increase in the number of inoculated V cells, and with decrease in age of(More)
High bone mass (HBM) can be an incidental clinical finding; however, monogenic HBM disorders (eg, LRP5 or SOST mutations) are rare. We aimed to determine to what extent HBM is explained by mutations in known HBM genes. A total of 258 unrelated HBM cases were identified from a review of 335,115 DXA scans from 13 UK centers. Cases were assessed clinically and(More)
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