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The incidence, nature, and mechanisms of adverse reaction following postoperative T-tube cholangiogram have received little attention in the medical literature. This paper presents the experience at one hospital over a 30-month period (1975--1977) covering 139 patients who had 170 cholangiograms. Factors examined included intraoperative and postoperative(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac rehabilitation programs offer effective means to prevent recurrence of a cardiac event, but poor uptake of current programs have been reported globally. Home based models are considered as a feasible alternative to avoid various barriers related to care centre based programs. This paper sets out the study design for a clinical trial(More)
During an 18-month period, 18 patients were admitted to the Beth Israel Hospital because of fecal impaction or its complications. The records of the 18 patients were reviewed to determine the presenting signs and symptoms, radiologic findings, course and etiology of fecal impaction. Prior use of drugs that slow gastrointestinal motility was found in seven(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of CT on the diagnosis and management of acute abdominal pain in patients who did not undergo surgery and to determine what population of patients would profit most from CT examination. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical data and CT reports of 91 patients with acute abdomen (41 men and 50 women,(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine normal values for four commonly used clinical functional balance tests from community-dwelling women aged 20 to 80 and to identify any significant decline due to aging. DESIGN A cross-sectional study was undertaken to provide normative values for four clinical balance tests across 6 decade cohorts. SETTING The Betty(More)
The signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency in the postoperative patient are generally nonspecific, and the diagnosis is usually made at postmortem examination. Two patients in whom adrenal insufficiency developed in the postoperative period are reported on (one had metastatic carcinoma to the adrenal glands and in the other bilateral adrenal hemorrhage(More)
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