M G Rodríguez-Angeles

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We studied 40 E. coli strains from meat and hamburger and 64 strains from stools of people: 14/64 from traveler's diarrhea and 50/64 from infants with and without diarrhea. We want to know if they could be producing of cytotoxin and enterotoxin in Vero culture cells as well as phenotypic and genotypic relationships. The serotypes that we isolated were(More)
PCR was made with ctx2 (CGG GCA GAT TCT AGA CCT CCT G) y ctx3 (CGA TGA TCT TGG AGC ATT CCC AC) primers for subunit A of cholera toxin, 30 cycles of temperature on samples of 50 g of oysters added in 450 ml of peptone alcaline water that were inoculated with 15 x 10(6), 0.75 x 10(6) and 0.15 x 10(6) CFU/ml of toxigenic 6707 V. cholerae O1 reference strain.(More)
We studied 40 Vibrio cholerae strains: 16 from stool, 16 from sewage and 8 from food. The serotypes were Inaba in 21 strains, 8 Ogawa strains and 11 V. cholerae non-O1. PCR was made with ctx2 and ctx3 primers with 25 cycles of temperature: 1 min at 94 degrees C, 1 min at 60 degrees C and 1 min at 72 degrees C. 24 V. cholerae strains were positive: 18/24(More)
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