M G Petruccioli Pizzini

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Clinical involvement of the peripheral nervous system in panarteritis nodosa is common, but the histological aspects are little known. We describe the sural nerve, muscle and skin biopsy findings in a patient with panarteritis nodosa, affected by mononeuritis multiplex. The data are compared to those reported in other types of vasculitis neuropathy.
3 peptic ulcer patients, treated for a few weeks with Trithiozine, developed polyneuropathy. The histopathological patterns in the 2 patients in whom sural nerve biopsy was done presented wallerian degeneration of the axons of the myelinated fibers, especially those of larger caliber. The evidence for a iatrogenic toxic etiology is discussed.
The central cells of substantia gelatinosa are small spindle-shaped neurons with an average perimeter of 26.8 micrometers and an average cross-sectional area of 44.9 micrometers2. No difference has been found between neurons of C1 and those of the lower cervical segments. It was calculated that axo-somatic synapses are about 20 per cell and generally occur(More)
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