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Reports of cytogenetic abnormalities in pediatric central nervous system (CNS) tumors are important for collection and comparison of large numbers of karyotypes of primary CNS neoplasms to produce statistically significant correlations. We report cytogenetic results of 119 samples of pediatric CNS tumors from 109 patients. Tumors included 33 low-grade(More)
We have synthesized two photoreactive derivatives of somatostatin, namely [125I-Tyr11,azidonitrobenzoyl (ANB)-Lys4]somatostatin and [125I-Tyr11,ANB-Lys9]somatostatin, and used them to characterize somatostatin receptors biochemically in several cell types. Saturation binding experiments carried out in the dark demonstrated that(More)
The Cellular Automaton Programming Environment (Cape) was developed as a programming paradigm speciic tool for simulation of physical systems by cellular automata (CAs) on the Meiko Computing Surface. Cape is struc-tured in a way that allows application-speciic elements to be replaced whilst retaining the core of the tool. One of the applications areas(More)
Eight children with clinical and radiologic abnormalities consistent with periventricular leukomalacia were investigated with MR imaging of the brain that employed both inversion-recovery and T2-weighted spin-echo imaging sequences. The more precise delineation of white and gray matter on inversion-recovery images as compared with CT allows a detailed(More)
Nontraumatic intracranial dissecting aneurysms have rarely been reported as the cause of acute infantile and childhood hemiplegia. The present case is unique because dissecting aneurysms occurred bilaterally in two clinically distinct episodes. A recent dissecting aneurysm of the right intracranial internal carotid artery was present with a healed(More)
We describe neurochemical abnormalities found in the brains of 2 patients with autopsy-confirmed Hallervorden-Spatz (HS) disease. In 1 patient, contents of cystine and of glutathione-cysteine mixed disulfide in the globus pallidus were markedly elevated above values for appropriate control subjects. Activity of cysteine dioxygenase, which converts cysteine(More)
A 31/2-year-old girl presented with frequent falls. She had an unsteady gait, delayed behavioural development absent tendon reflexes and in the legs decreased strength tone and equivocal plantar responses. She then developed ataxia, nystagmus, choreoathetosis, cranial nerve palsies, diminished strength and tone in the arms, sensory deficit in the limbs and(More)