M. G. Moshal

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Seventy-four patients with tuberculous peritonitis were examined by peritoneoscopy (laparoscopy). The characteristic features were uniform miliary tubercles studding the visceral and parietal peritoneum together with numerous adhesions between bowel loops, liver capsule, and abdominal walls. Guided biopsy yielded a definitive diagnosis in 56 cases. Special(More)
After six weeks therapy with the bismuth-containing substance Denol, the ultrastructure of the duodenal cell is normal in most cases. Following therapy with the histamine-2 receptor antagonist (cimetidine), for the same period and even after one year continuous therapy, the denodenal cell remains abnormal in most instances. This may explain the frequent(More)
Intraluminal gastroesophageal pressure and pH studies have been performed on 8 nonpregnant women, 10 pregnant women with heartburn, and 10 pregnant women without heartburn. Each patient was tested under resting conditions and after intravenous injection of 0.6 mg atropine. In both groups of pregnant patients the intragastric pressure was found to be higher(More)
The manner in which tri-potassium di-citrato bismuthate (TDB) promotes duodenal ulcer healing is not known. Endoscopic biopsy specimens were taken from the edges of duodenal ulcers from 5 patients before and after treatment with TDB. Using the bismuth contained within this drug as an electron-dense marker, the mode of action of TDB was determined by(More)
Duodenal ulceration among Black and Indian patients admitted to King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban, over a 26-year period (1950-1976) was studied. Analysis was made over a series of time intervals within this period, and expressed as the number of admissions for duodenal ulcer per 1,000 total admissions (excluding obstetric and gynaecological patients).(More)
A previously undescribed explanation for the development of duodenal ulcer is advanced. Stressful situations and avoidance-avoidance conflicts in individuals with a dependant compliant personality incapable of appropriate "stimulus-seeking behaviour" lead to an immobilised state. This predicament is denied. Helplessness develops. This state is associated(More)