M G Lozykowski

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Laron syndrome [growth hormone (GH) insensitivity syndrome] is a hereditary dwarfism resulting from defects in the GH receptor (GHR) gene. GHR deficiency has not been reported in mammals other than humans. Many aspects of GHR dysfunction remain unknown because of ethical and practical limitations in studying humans. To create a mammalian model for this(More)
Seven inbred mouse strains were examined for the presence of chronic Chagas' cardiomyopathy in postacute Trypanosoma cruzi infection. DBA/1, DBA/2, BALB/c, B10.T (6R), B10.Q, B10.D2, and B6 mice were infected for 100 days with the Brazil strain of T. cruzi. Standard histologic examination of cardiac tissue from these mice revealed the following relationship(More)
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