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Recently, we have reported that melittin, a major toxic peptide of the whole bee venom, plays a central role in production of local inflammation, nociception and hyperalgesia following the experimental honeybee's sting. However, the exact peripheral mechanisms underlying melittin-induced multiple pain-related behaviors are still less characterized. In the(More)
A wide variety of human and animal experiments suggest that the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is one of the key brain substrates subserving higher order processing of noxious information. However, no sufficient data are now available regarding the mediation by ACC of different levels of pain processing as well as its potential descending modulation of(More)
A sample of 6th-grade children (N = 470), initially aged 12 years, in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, participated in this longitudinal study. Data on children's sociability and prosocial orientation were collected from peer assessments. Information on indexes of adjustment was obtained from multiple sources. The results indicated that sociable and(More)
(2016). Fast and reliable estimation of composite load model parameters using analytical similarity of parameter sensitivity. extended prototypical smart meter architecture for demand side management. (2015). Enabling large-scale energy storage and renewable energy grid connectivity: A power-togas approach. Impact of increased penetration of wind power on(More)
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