M. G. Lavenant

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In an effort to study the rheologic effects of small amounts of hemoglobin S (HbS) polymer in sickle red cells, we have used the ektacytometer, a laser diffraction couette viscometer, to measure sickle cell deformability as a function of oxygen tension. Sickle cell populations of defined intracellular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) were isolated using(More)
We describe work to enhance existing software protocols and develop a suite of new software utilities based upon a set of standards known as the World Wide Web (WWW). Specifically, we have developed an effective X-windows based WYSIWYG WWW browser/editor and a prototype for integrated wide-area authentication and authorization support for delivery and(More)
The Biological Sciences Division Office of Academic Computing (BSDAC) at the University of Chicago is the primary resource for support and development of instructional and research computing applications in the biomedical sciences. Driven by the goal to unify traditionally isolated teaching, research and clinical computing resources, the group has initiated(More)
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