M. G. Lauby

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The analysis of the effects of hundreds of outages on line flows and bus voltages is required for the real-time security analysis and contingency enumeration. This increases the demands on the speed, accuracy and adaptability of the solution methods. Ideally, an ac power flow should be solved for each contingency, followed by a check for limit violations(More)
The pooling of bulk transmission system outage data has been a topic of recent interest. However, before analysis of pooled data should take place, there is a need to assess the effects of various parameters on the performance of the bulk transmission system. Identification of the dominant parameters which are generic to any geographic, region is an(More)
The Mid-Continent Area Power Pool 230 kV and 345 kV bulk transmission terminal-related forced outages were analyzed in order to assess the difference in performance of four types of terminal configurations. Two terminal characteristics were recognized: complexity of protection/control and functional redundancy. The results demonstrated that the terminal(More)
The 345 kV bulk transmission Forced outage data from two remote regions were converted to a common format. An agreed upon philosophy of analysis was established which was acceptable for both regions. Four separate analyses were performed on the two study region's ( Mid-Continent Area Power Pool and Northeast Utilities ) 345 kV Forced outage data from the(More)
Experience using bulk transmission reliability analysis techniques to evaluate transfer capability is presented. The procedure used along with a discussion of the assumptions made in order to perform the study is outlined. Study results are illustrated and a numerical calculation is demonstrated.
The purpose of steady-state power system security analysis is to determine which contingencies cause component limit violations and also the severity of any such violations. For large systems, even if only single component contingencies were considered, and even if fast solution methods were employed, full AC analysis of all cases could be prohibitively(More)