M. G. L. C. Loomans

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UNLABELLED Results from naturally ventilated buildings show that allowing the indoor temperature to drift does not necessarily result in thermal discomfort and may allow for a reduction in energy use. However, for stationary conditions, several studies indicate that the thermal neutral temperature and optimum thermal condition differ between young adults(More)
The paper describes results from a reference study that focuses on the application of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD-) technique for heat and smoke transport in practice. Goal of the study is to obtain insight into the amount and causes of the spread of CFD-results when applied by different users. In this study several CFD-practitioners have solved(More)
Jet fans are applied for control of air flow and support of pollutant dispersal in large enclosures. In The Netherlands, application is well known for car parks as part of the fire safety design. In the design phase often the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-technique is used to verify the fire safety level afforded by the application of jet fans.(More)
Applying high temperature cooling concepts, i.e. high temperature cooling (T(supply) is 16-20°C) HVAC systems, in the built environment allows the reduction in the use of (high quality) energy. However, application of high temperature cooling systems can result in whole body and local discomfort of the occupants. Non-uniform thermal conditions, which may(More)
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