M G Kaloyianni-Dimitriades

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Pyruvate kinase of Rana ridibunda erythrocytes is one of the regulatory enzymes of glycolysis. PK was purified about 7800-fold. The purified enzyme showed on SDS-electrophoresis three protein bands with an apparent molecular weight of between 60 and 65 kD. The enzyme is subject to activation by FDP and to inhibition by ATP. It showed Km values for PEP and(More)
Rana ridibunda erythrocytes have a complete sequence of glycolytic enzymes but not the tricarboxylic acid cycle enzymes. The steady state contents of the glycolytic intermediates were measured in quick frozenRana ridibunda erythrocytes. A comparison of the mass action ratios with the equilibrium constants for the glycolytic reactions showed that(More)
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