M G Howe

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Used the 16 PF in a group screening battery for psychiatric inpatients. Validation was carried out using psychiatric diagnoses as the criterion. Four hundred and sixty-three patients were grouped into eight traditional diagnostic groups. Discriminant analysis was used to predict group membership and multivariate profile analysis was used to compared group(More)
The Mini-Mult, FAM, and MMPI-168 were evaluated for correspondence with the full form MMPIs of 252 adult psychiatric inpatients. Although the correlations of each short form's estimated full-scale score with the corresponding actual full-form scale were high, only the FAM was able to reasonably predict the full-form single high-point code. The range of(More)
Evaluated the relevance of the physiological-arousal model, the stimulus-control paradigm, and depression to insomnia both as a unitary construct and to its components. The Manifest Anxiety Scale, the Sleep Behavior Self Rating Scale and the Zung Depression Scale were administered to 81 clinical Ss. Three separate discriminant function analyses were(More)
This study was undertaken to provide an evaluation of the mental health problems associated with the only child and a basis for further studies of singletons. Data were obtained from the recores of the Mental Health Clinic, London Psychiatric Hospital, of 115 only children and 115 non-only children between 5 and 15 years of age. The results showed that the(More)
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