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Aragonitic, unconsolidated sediments from the borings on the Eniwetok and Bikini atolls are isotopically identical with unaltered skeletal fragments, whereas the recrystallized limestones exhibit isotopic variations resulting from alteration in meteoric waters during periods of emergence. Dolomites and associated calcites are enriched in O(18), perhaps(More)
The nuclides zinc-65 and cobalt-60 associated with river-borne particulate matter are incorporated in sediment on the Continental Shelf near the Colum- ia River. Changes in the relative concentrations of zinc-65 and cobalt-60 and in the ratio of the activity of zinc-65 and cobalt-60 suggest that radioactive sediment moves northward 12 to 30 kilometers per(More)
Two holes drilled through reef sediments into basalt have established a geologic section through the Miocene. Midway was built above the sea by flows that were weathered and partially truncated in pre-Miocene time. After submergence, volcanic clays were reworked and covered by limestones. Overall ubmergence was interrupted at least twice by emergence. The(More)
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