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Visual interfaces are often poorly designed because the application developers lack graphics design knowledge. Designing effective interfaces requires great effort, especially when many types of graphical objects and relations are involved. In addition, many domain applications require interactive and dynamic graphical interfaces. Existing automatic(More)
Construction of bridges is associated with uncertainties that rise due to unavailability of resources, equipment breakdown and/or working environment. Bridge construction techniques can be grouped into six main categories: 1) cast-in-situ on false work, 2) cantilever carriage, 3) stepping formwork, 4) launching girder, 5) precast balanced cantilever, and 6)(More)
Simulation modelling and Lean principles have both been applied in the construction industry to improve work processes. The outcomes from their implementation are outstanding and have motivated construction researchers to seek means by which other aspects of construction production could benefit from this development. Therefore the aim of this research is(More)
The aim of this research is to develop a system for estimating cost contingencies during a tender preparation. The proposed system is composed of a causal belief network and a risk-contingency model. A survey was conducted to evaluate the significance of twenty two factors affecting residential projects' cost overruns. The results were employed to define(More)
Simulation models are well known to be one of the most effective tools that are used in the development of the construction industry. One of the newly introduced terms in this industry is the term "Lean Construction". It was inspired from Lean production, which had been long known in the production field for its ability to reduce waste in different process(More)
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