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The family history of cancer in children treated for a solid malignant tumour in the Paediatric Oncology Department at Institute Gustave-Roussy, has been investigated. In order to determine the role of germline p53 mutations in genetic predisposition to childhood cancer, germline p53 mutations were sought in individuals with at least one relative (first- or(More)
The late health effects associated with radioiodine ((131)I) given as treatment for thyroid cancer are difficult to assess since the number of thyroid cancer patients treated at each centre is limited. The risk of second primary malignancies (SPMs) was evaluated in a European cohort of thyroid cancer patients. A common database was obtained by pooling the(More)
Sir, We read with much interest the paper by Olsen et al (2005), in which they observed an increased risk for early-onset breast cancer in a follow-up study of the incidence of cancer in 1445 blood relatives of 75 patients with Ataxia-Telangectasia diagnosed in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The results of this study are supported by the unique study(More)
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