M.G.C. De Angelis

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A GNSS receiver (GPS, Galileo) operating in a civil aircraft is exposed to the signals transmitted from ATC (air traffic control) surveillance sensors, aeronautical navigation systems and other non-aeronautical systems. The present study aims to investigate Galileo E5/L5 in-band and out-of-band interference due to some ATC systems (primary and secondary(More)
The aim of our work is to find a standard method to mechanically stimulate bone tissue progenitors cells with vibrations. We designed and realized a bioreactor in which we can change frequency, modality and duration of the stimuli. The system is composed by an eccentric motor, Voltage controlled, which can produce a displacement of 11 mm at frequencies(More)
The titanium surfaces with micro-roughness have been studied to substitute machined titanium, with the focus on enhancing the bone apposition onto the implant. In this study we have followed a biomimetic strategy where human SAOS-2 osteoblasts proliferated and built their extracellular matrix on a sandblasted titanium surface modified with plastic(More)
A rapid, specific and reproducible liquid chromatographic method was developed for the determination of 1,4-butanedisulphonate in plasma. The method involves protein precipitation with perchloric acid, precipitation of perchlorate ions by addition of potassium carbonate followed by ion chromatography on an ion-exchange column connected with a conductimetric(More)
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