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The objective of the present study was to determine whether differences in the frictional properties of a floor surface may affect the kinematics and kinetics of pushing and pulling. Eight male participants were required to push and pull a four-wheeled trolley over two level surfaces, on which were mounted floor coverings with good (safety floor) and(More)
Decreases in stature (shrinkage) are used to indicate exercise induced spinal loading. This study examined the effect of three running speeds on two groups of runners, one with chronic low back pain. The two groups of seven male marathon runners ran at 70%, 85%, and 100% of their marathon race pace for 30 min on separate occasions. Before and after exercise(More)
Continuous measurement of changing limb segment angle is possible using a recently introduced flexible electrogoniometer but, unfortunately, the magnitude of linear displacements occurring during flexion and extension of the trunk has prevented its use as a measure of spinal mobility and posture. To overcome this limitation, a specially constructed,(More)
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