M G Alwano-Edyegu

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The AIDS Information Center (AIC) was established in Kampala, Uganda in 1990 in response to increasing interest by members of the general public who wished to know their HIV serostatus. By 1996, >300,000 clients had been seen. HIV serologic testing was performed at a central laboratory and results reported back to AIC after 2 weeks. Approximately 25% of(More)
Rapid, on-site HIV testing with same-day results may improve services and increase the number of clients who learn their serostatus in developing countries. To validate test performance under field conditions and assess the change in the proportion of clients who learn their serostatus, we conducted a field trial using the Capillus HIV-1/HIV-2 assay(More)
The role of voluntary HIV counseling and testing is still under debate, especially in the developing world. HIV counseling-and-testing (HIV CT) services are a major component of HIV and AIDS control programs in the industrialized world and are increasingly being advocated in the developing world. In the United States, voluntary HIV CT has been a major(More)
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