M G Alton-Mackey

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It was hypothesized that variations within the range of usual salt intakes of North Americans influence urinary excretion of calcium in healthy postmenopausal women. The effects of sodium chloride supplements of 0.51, and 102 mmol/d, randomly assigned to 17 healthy, noninstitutionalized, postmenopausal women consuming their usual diets were compared. Diets(More)
Female rats were maintained throughout gestation on a control diet containing 400% of the National Research Council (NRC) recommendation for pyridoxine and transferred to purified diets containing 400, 100, 75, 50, 25, or 0% of the NRC recommendations for B6 during lactation. Physical development of the offspring was assessed by measuring body weight and(More)
Female rats were fed diets containing graded levels of pyridoxine throughout gestation. At parturition, the pups were cross-fostered with a dam which had been fed the same diet as the biological mother throughout gestation (an isonutritional foster mother), or with one which had received a control diet containing 400% of the National Research Council(More)
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