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Interactions between recognition molecules on the surface of neuronal growth cones and guidance cues present in the local cellular environment are thought to account for the growth of neurites in the highly stereospecific manner that contributes to correct target cell innervation. In vitro assays have been used to identify candidate molecular components of(More)
The retrograde transport of fluorochromes from muscle was used to label embryonic rat motoneurones in vivo. The fluorescent motoneurones were subsequently detected in cultures of dissociated spinal cord neurones using an image-intensification video camera, the images from which allowed identification of the motoneurones under phase-contrast microscopy. Such(More)
BACKGROUND Neurological complications are frequently observed in HIV-1 patients. Lumbar puncture (LP) and LSF analysis are two key diagnostic procedures. AIM To describe the etiology meningeal syndromes in a hospital series of HIV patients. RESULTS In this study, we present the different meningeal complications from 198 HIV-1 patients referred, for the(More)
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