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Due to the increasing share of renewable energy sources (RES), electrical networks need to be continuously expanded to integrate all RES without violating operational constraints. In the conventional network expansion process only new grid assets such as lines and transformers are considered to resolve congestions. Due to the volatile feed-in of RES, some(More)
Cardiac experimental electrophysiology is in need of a well-defined Minimum Information Standard for recording, annotating, and reporting experimental data. As a step towards establishing this, we present a draft standard, called Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment (MICEE). The ultimate goal is to develop a useful tool for(More)
Current object-oriented development practice is centered around application frameworks. In this paper, we argue that this approach is misleading, as it distracts from the ultimate goal of composing software out of “software components” originating from different sources. In particular, we suggest a model of software composition that is based on passing of(More)
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