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  • V Yu Afremov, V S Ershova, +70 authors W N Kucera
  • 1999
REFERENCES References are arranged alphabetically by author(s) or title, then chronologically by year of publication, with the notation 'a', 'b', etc. after the year when there is more than one entry by the same author(s) in the same year. Author initial(s) are used; additional names are given in parentheses only where two different authors have the same(More)
Accurate 3D surface models of dense urban areas are essential for a variety of applications, such as car-tography, urban planning and monitoring, mobile communications , etc. Since manual surface reconstruction is very costly and time-consuming, the development of automated algorithms is of great importance. While most of existing algorithms focus on(More)
In this paper we presented a novel approach for building detection from multiple aerial images in dense urban areas. The approach is based on accurate surface reconstruction, followed by extraction of visible building facades, then used as a main cue for building detection. For the facade detection a simple but nevertheless flexible and robust algorithm is(More)
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