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Following a review of the literature on the topic, the authors examined all patients admitted to the Institute of Surgical Pathology 1st at the University of Pavia between 1-1-1974 and 31-12-1988 affected by hernias of the abdominal wall or surgical laparoceles, paying special attention to those patients aged over 65. Attention was focused on concomitant(More)
After examining the literature on the subject, all patients aged over 60 and admitted to the Surgical Pathology Department of Pavia University from 1-1-1974 to 31-12-1985, suffering from gastric carcinoma have been considered. From the results obtained it is concluded that stomach cancer is a disease that preferentially affects the IIIrd age, usually(More)
After examining the literature on the subject, all patients of the IIIrd age suffering from non-neoplastic pathology of the pancreas are considered. The results show that this pathology contains more acute pancreatitis and fewer chronic pancreatitis (at times a consequence of the acute) cases. Pancreatic cyst was also noted. The age most affected by this(More)
The presence of the single nucleotide polymorphisms in exon 1 of the mannose-binding lectin 2 (MBL2) gene was evaluated in a sample of 159 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery (71 patients undergoing valve replacement surgery and 300 control subjects) to investigate a possible association between polymorphisms and heart disease with Chlamydia(More)
The Authors, after having reviewed all the literature on this topic, have studied all patients over 60 which were admitted with a diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease at the Institute of Surgical Pathology of the University of Pavia from January 1, 1974 until December 31, 1985. They noted, from their results, that this disease shows a predilection for adults,(More)
After examining the various diagnostic methods used for gastric cancer, the paper analyses all geriatric patients affected by this disease and hospitalised in the Institute of Pathological Surgery at the University of Pavia between 1/1/1974 and 31/12/1986. The results obtained confirmed that: the subjective symptoms of the elderly patient affected by(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate effects of feeding monensin (MON) or a multivalent polyclonal antibody preparation (PAP) against several rumen microorganisms on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, blood gas profile, and rumenitis of Bos indicus biotype (BT) yearling bulls. The study was designed as a completely randomized design with a(More)
After reviewing the literature on this topic, the authors examine all patients admitted to the Institute of Surgical Pathology in Pavia with a diagnosis of intestinal occlusion from 1-1-1974 to 31-12-1990. Of these, only those aged over 65 were included in the study and were in turn subdivided into 3rd and 4th age groups. The etiopathogenesis of this(More)
Fossa M. Dime, University of Genova, Via Opera Pia 15a, Genova, Italy marco.fossa@unige.it Abstract In many Mediterranean Countries the level of solar insolation on horizontal varies from 4 to 5.5 MJ/ (m day), as annual average. When the beam fraction of the solar energy is predominant, tracking the solar disk is a possible strategy to increase the energy(More)