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Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) has attracted increasing interest as potential biomarker to support the diagnosis or monitor the efficacy of therapies in brain disorders. Circulating BDNF can be measured in serum, plasma or whole blood. However, the use of BDNF as biomarker is limited by the poor reproducibility of results, likely due to the(More)
BACKGROUND The incidental finding of monoclonal immunoglobulin in the sera of healthy blood donors is a relatively frequent event and in such cases the subjects are commonly deferred permanently from donating blood. However, no follow-up studies of these cases have been published so far. MATERIALS AND METHODS Since 2000, all regular blood donors at(More)
The non-intrusive density measurement of the thin plasma produced by a mini-helicon space thruster (HPH.com project) is a challenge, due to the broad density range (between 10(16) m(-3) and 10(19) m(-3)) and the small size of the plasma source (2 cm of diameter). A microwave interferometer has been developed for this purpose. Due to the small size of(More)
In the present study, the side effects of d-Penicillamine therapy in 54 patients with rheumatoid arthritis are analyzed. The therapeutic efficacy of the drug is emphasized; but in the meantime, the necessity is also stressed that the choice of this antirheumatic agent must imply the knowledge of the possible complications caused by its use and of the(More)
Present large scale fusion research reactors need imaging and metrology systems to make a survey of the status of the in-vessel plasma facing components in order to detect damage or evaluate erosions. The paper outline a solution based on a laser radar scanning probe. The probe is carried and inserted in the machine by a long harm, then there is the(More)
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