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BACKGROUND Criminal offenders with a diagnosis of psychopathy or borderline personality disorder (BPD) share an impulsive nature but tend to differ in their style of emotional response. This study aims to use multiple psychophysiologic measures to compare emotional responses to unpleasant and pleasant stimuli. METHODS Twenty-five psychopaths as defined by(More)
BACKGROUND Intense and rapidly changing mood states are a major feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD), which is thought to arise from affective vulnerability. OBJECTIVE There have been only a few studies investigating affective processing in BPD, and particularly neither psychophysiological nor neurofunctional correlates of abnormal emotional(More)
The present study investigated local differences of sympathetic activation and sympathetic neuroeffector defects in nonhypertrophied right and hypertrophied left ventricles in a rat model with renin-induced pressure overload [TG(mREN2)27]. As judged from the depletion of myocardial norepinephrine stores, sympathetic activation was more pronounced in the(More)
In advanced colorectal cancer previously treated with oxaliplatin, efficacy of irinotecan-based chemotherapy is poor and the best regimen is not defined. We designed FOLFIRI-3 and conducted a phase II study to establish its efficacy and safety in advanced colorectal cancer patients previously treated with FOLFOX. FOLFIRI-3 consisted of irinotecan 100 mg m-2(More)
AIMS This report describes the baseline characteristics of patients in the Reduction of Events with Darbepoetin alfa in Heart Failure trial (RED-HF) which is testing the hypothesis that anaemia correction with darbepoetin alfa will reduce the composite endpoint of death from any cause or hospital admission for worsening heart failure, and improve other(More)
OBJECTIVES The study objective was to assess the cardiac expression of interleukin-6 (IL6) and its receptor (IL6R) in advanced heart failure. BACKGROUND While IL6 plasma levels are elevated and associated with an impaired prognosis in advanced heart failure, little is known about the intracardiac expression of the IL6 system. METHODS Heart tissue was(More)
A striking manifestation of CP violation in the electroweak symmetry breaking sector would be the existence of neutral Higgs boson(s) with undefined CP parity. We analyse signatures of such a boson, with a mass of about 300 GeV or larger, produced in high energy proton-proton collisions at LHC energies in its top-quark antitop-quark decay channel. The large(More)
In borderline and antisocial personality disorder there is a close interaction between affect dysregulation and impulse control disorder. Different approaches are presented that focus on affective responses to experimental stimuli in these personality disorders. Results suggest that in borderline personality disorder intense emotional responses occur in the(More)
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