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Interest in agent-oriented technology continues to grow, both at a theoretical level and a practical level, with the UK maintaining a strong representation in the area in both academic institutions and commercial organisations. in seeking to provide a forum for academics and industrialists within the UK to present and discuss current directions in research(More)
The telecommunications market is becoming increasingly complex, with a rapidly increasing number of providers offering a range of new service types. It is essential that there is interoperability between different providers so that services can be delivered in a managed way, to the benefit of both providers and consumers. This paper describes prototype(More)
The novel ectoparasiticide spinosad is a naturally occurring mixture of spinosyns A and D formed during a fermentation process. The spinosyns are tetracyclic macrolides with a unique ring system. Their mode of action differs from that of other commercially available insecticides. Laboratory and field trials were conducted to evaluate the use of spinosad in(More)
BACKGROUND Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) has been linked to renal impairment, but the extent to which this impairment is reversible is unclear. We aimed to investigate the reversibility of renal decline during TDF therapy. METHODS Cox proportional hazards models assessed factors associated with discontinuing TDF in those with an exposure duration of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine protease mutations that develop at viral failure for protease inhibitor (PI)-naive patients on a regimen containing the PI atazanavir. METHODS Resistance tests on patients failing atazanavir, conducted as part of routine clinical care in a multicentre observational study, were randomly matched by subtype to resistance tests from(More)
Coinfection with HIV adversely impacts every stage of hepatitis C (HCV) infection. Liver damage in HCV infection results from host antiviral responses rather than direct viral pathogenesis. Despite depressed cellular immunity, coinfected patients show accelerated hepatic fibrosis compared with HCV monoinfected patients. This paradox is poorly understood.(More)
  • T. Kyrychenko, G. Dubynska, T. Koval, I. Kaidashev, V. Korshenko, K. Rono +494 others
  • 2012
Background: Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are transmembrane receptors that activate cells of the innate immune systems upon recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns. The TLR4 is an essential component of the innate immune response to various microorganisms. We investigated the impact of TLR4 polymorphism on development of opportunistic diseases in(More)
The purpose of the air distribution system in a fluidised bed combustor is to provide a reasonably uniform spread of combustion air over the entire horizontal cross-sectional area of the bed. One of the simplest, and hence cheapest, forms of air distributor is the sparge pipe design, in which an array of horizontal pipes is fitted at the base of the bed.(More)