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In this paper, practical considerations for recursive Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) implementation in numerical relays are presented. The DFT filter instabilities which would produce accumulated errors are emphasized. The aspects ruling error accumulation of the estimated magnitude and phase are highlighted. Novel solutions directed for the elimination(More)
Iris localization is an important step in iris recognition systems; all the subsequent steps, iris normalization, feature extraction and matching, depend on its accuracy. Traditional iris localization methods often involve an exhaustive search of a three-dimensional parameter space, which is a time consuming process. This paper presents a coarse-to-fine(More)
In this paper, we present the Kalman decision feedback equalizer (Kalman-DFE) as a solution for the high data rate HF waveforms. We show that the basic performance for the Kalman-DFE is far from the standard requirements of the HF and the performance breaks down for the higher constellation. As a result, we add two major enhancements for the Kalman-DFE: the(More)
From using secret knowledge like password up to physical traits as biometrics, current smartphone authentication systems are deemed inconvenience and difficult for users. Burdens on remembering password as well as privacy issue on stolen or forged biometrics have raised a new idea of authentication systems. New system is expected to be transparent to users(More)
Now a day's face recognition is the most interesting and active research area in the field of phycology, neuroscience, and computer vision. In this paper a fast efficient algorithm is developed with the better recognition rate of face in different conditions that is illumination, head pose, expressions etc. In which we have extract the global and local(More)
The jamming problem is a major threat for any FH systems especially in acquisition stage. Acquisition stage is a very important task in any FH receiver because without acquisition the FH hopping receiver can't demodulate his data. To solve the problem of jamming in FH receivers during acquisition stage, a two-level acquisition scheme with adaptive threshold(More)
An enhanced OpenBTS is implemented. OpenBTS is a software-based GSM access point, allowing standard GSM-compatible mobile phones to make phone calls without depending on existing telecommunication providers' networks. In this paper, the goal was to improve the design of the OpenBTS system by improving the sensitivity and also minimizing the cost of the(More)
Instead of decreasing pulse duty cycle of the synchronization pulse of FH random multiple access (RMA) to decrease the multiple access interference between users in the acquisition stage, we use a PN generator to spread the modulated data before going to the hopped carrier, the transmitter of each user has the same PN generator of the other users but they(More)
The nonlinear performance of second-order active filters using single and two operational amplifiers at high frequencies and/or large-signal levels is investigated. A general procedure using the Volterra series is presented to allow comparison of different filter types regarding intermodulation distortion, and to provide means for improvement. Experimental(More)
This work presents an overview on the different aspects of analog synthesis technique. The success of this technique is demonstrated by solving the difficult problem of designing a wideband lossless matching network for a short ( 1 . h ) monopole antenna operating between 30Mhz and 43MH.z for a Short Wave (SW) telecommunication system, based on a generic L(More)