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It has been understood since 1897 that accelerating charges must emit electromagnetic radiation. Although first derived in 1904, cyclotron radiation from a single electron orbiting in a magnetic field has never been observed directly. We demonstrate single-electron detection in a novel radio-frequency spectrometer. The relativistic shift in the cyclotron(More)
We report the first successful extraction of accumulated ultracold neutrons (UCN) from a converter of superfluid helium, in which they were produced by downscattering neutrons of a cold beam from the Munich research reactor. Windowless UCN extraction is performed in vertical direction through a mechanical cold valve. This prototype of a versatile UCN source(More)
We describe a spin-echo method for ultracold neutrons (UCNs) confined in a precession chamber and exposed to a |B0|=1  μT magnetic field. We have demonstrated that the analysis of UCN spin-echo resonance signals in combination with knowledge of the ambient magnetic field provides an excellent method by which to reconstruct the energy spectrum of a confined(More)
S. Afach, N. J. Ayres, C. A. Baker, G. Ban, G. Bison, K. Bodek, M. Fertl, B. Franke, P. Geltenbort, K. Green, W. C. Griffith, M. van der Grinten, Z. D. Grujić, P. G. Harris, W. Heil, V. Hélaine, P. Iaydjiev,5,∥ S. N. Ivanov, M. Kasprzak, Y. Kermaidic, K. Kirch, H.-C. Koch, S. Komposch, A. Kozela, J. Krempel, B. Lauss, T. Lefort, Y. Lemière, M. Musgrave, O.(More)
S. Afach a,b,c, C.A. Baker d, G. Ban e, G. Bison b, K. Bodek f, M. Burghoff g, Z. Chowdhuri b, M. Daumb, M. Fertl a,b,1, B. Franke a,b,2, P. Geltenbort h, K. Green d,i, M.G.D. van der Grinten d,i, Z. Grujic j, P.G. Harris i, W. Heil k, V. Hélaine b,e, R. Henneck b, M. Horras a,b, P. Iaydjiev d,3, S.N. Ivanov d,4, M. Kasprzak j, Y. Kermaïdic l, K. Kirch a,b,(More)
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