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Shigella flexneri, the causative agent of bacillary dysentery, has the ability to enter nonphagocytic cells. The interferon (IFN) family of cytokines was found to inhibit Shigella invasion of cultured epithelial cells. We show here that IFN-alpha inhibits a Src-dependent signaling cascade triggered by Shigella that leads to the reorganization of the host(More)
GermOnline provides information and microarray expression data for genes involved in mitosis and meiosis, gamete formation and germ line development across species. The database has been developed, and is being curated and updated, by life scientists in cooperation with bioinformaticists. Information is contributed through an online form using free text,(More)
Orthodox Jewish patients who seek genetic counseling are often placed in a difficult position of having to choose between their desire to follow Jewish religious instruction (halacha) and following the advice of the genetic counselor. In this article we will present the work of the Puah Institute based in Jerusalem that is dedicated to assisting and guiding(More)
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