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In this work, we tested the pulse withstanding capability of the MPPF capacitors. Although capacitors with long geometry seem to have a poor pulse handling performance, we found that the quality of the end-edge contact is strongly dependent on the physics features of the manufacturing process. The end edge contact plays a vital role in the pulse handling(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the antitumor and immunomodulatory effects of the aqueous extract from Daphne gnidium in mice-bearing melanoma tumor. Balb/C mice were subcutaneously implanted with B16-F10 cells and treated intraperitoneally with the aqueous extract at 200 mg/Kg b.w for 21 days. After euthanization on day 22, the tumors were weighed;(More)
The paper deals with the integration of a control algorithm for alternative current (AC) motors using a co-design methodology for mixed hardware/software implementation. The authors mainly focus on two points: the co-design flow with the associated tools and a full hardware integration with a programmable FPGA device. They also present the interest in using(More)
In amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbide (a-SiC:H) based p-i-n type solar cells, the device performance is limited by various factors. Most important of which is defects in the i-layer and particularly in the p/i interface. We performed I-V measurements on amorphous solar cells in the structure p(a-SiC H)/i(a-SiC:H)/n(a-Si:H) at AM1.5. All parameters are(More)
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