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Acute appendicitis may occasionally become extraordinarily complicated and life threatening yet difficult to diagnose. One such presentation is described in a 60-year-old man who was brought to the hospital due to right lumbar pain and fever for the last 15 days. Ultrasonography showed a right perinephric gas and fluid collection. Abdominal computed(More)
Securing ad hoc routing protocols for MANETs is a significant challenge due to number of reasons: (1) mobility results in continuously changing network topology – the premise of stable self or non-self is void, (2) the proposed security solution must be lightweight so that it can be deployed on resource constrained mobile nodes, and (3) the solution should(More)
There are many different aspects of consistency with regard to cross-platform user interfaces and their design. One of the important factors in using a cross-platform user interface is its navigation capability across platforms. In many instances, it is impossible to provide navigation consistency due to the inherently different nature of the user(More)