M. Farhad Hossain

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A very important matter of discussion in power system operation is the oscillations damping problem. In this paper the authors propose a fuzzy frequency controller (FFC) to improve the dynamic performance of a single-area power system. This paper represents the implementation of fuzzy frequency controller for an AGC in single-area power system. The aim of(More)
In the present work, the intelligent load frequency controllers have been developed to regulate the power output and system frequency by controlling the speed of the generator with the help of fuel rack position control. This paper presents the implementation of fuzzy-proportional integral controller (FPIC) for controlling AGC in a single area power system.(More)
The densities and viscosities of dodecyltri-methylammonium bromide (DTAB), glycine, and rac-alanine in water and DTAB in glycine/alanine aqueous solutions have been determined at 288.15, 296.15, 304.15, 312.15, and 320.15 K. The apparent molar volumes (u v) were obtained from these density data. The limiting apparent molar volumes (u v 0) and experimental(More)
TiO<sub>2</sub> nanotube arrays have an important role on the application of solar cells, air purification, dust water cleaning and hydrogen fuel generation. Highly aligned titanium oxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) nanotube (NT) arrays have been grown on titanium sheet by using a self organized anodic oxidation method at different potentials (32 to 52V) in a(More)
Through-Silicon Via (TSV) is a key technology for 3D interconnection of ICs. Mismatch in the properties of constituent materials causes significant amount of stress in the TSV structure during thermal loading. Such thermal stress is one of the key issues for the reliability of electronic packaging. In this work, the thermo-mechanical stress in a TSV(More)
At present fuzzy logic control is receiving increasing emphasis in process control applications. This paper presents a self-adjusting, fast acting fuzzy gain scheduling scheme for conventional integral gain, K <sub>I</sub> of automatic generation control (AGC) in a single area power system. The application of the fuzzy logic control on the performance of(More)
The spray pyrolysis technique offers an extremely easy way to prepare thin films with dopants, virtually any element in any proportion by merely adding it in a spray solution. The simplified spray pyrolysis system contains precursor chamber, spray nozzle unit, electric heater, air compressor and spray-dry controlling unit. The aim of this work is to(More)
The main objective of this research is to derive a mathematical model of call admission control in WCDMA network. Three main call admission algorithm wideband power based (WPB), throughput based (TB) and adaptive call admission control (ACAC) algorithm are investigated throughout this paper and a little comparison between them is presented.
Polymeric optical waveguides have recently drawn a great interest in the fabrication of many functional optical devices. Photolithography is the widely used technique for the fabrication of such waveguides. To facilitate low-cost manufacturing and to achieve high reproducibility, determination and control of the process parameter in the different(More)
The user capacity of the reverse link of direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) cellular wireless mobile communication systems over Nakagami-m distributed frequency selective multi-path fading channels with respect to both the voice and data communications has been evaluated in this paper. Effect of perfect and imperfect power control on(More)