M. Fareed Arif

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The enumeration of minimal unsatisfiable subsets (MUSes) finds a growing number of practical applications, that includes a wide range of diagnosis problems. As a concrete example, the problem of axiom pinpointing in the EL family of description logics (DLs) can be modeled as the enumeration of the group-MUSes of Horn formulae. In turn, axiom pinpointing for(More)
Fluoride concentration of groundwater samples from 100 villages of Nagaur tehsil was determined, 85 villages were found to have fluoride concentration more than 1.5 mg/L. The maximum fluoride concentration was recorded 6.6 mg/L in groundwater of Singhani village, while the minimum was recorded in Kurchhi village. As per the desirable and maximum permissible(More)
BACKGROUND In India, for the high concentration of fluoride in groundwater, people are at risk of dental fluorosis. The problem is common in various states of India. The condition in Rajasthan is worse where all districts have such a problem. OBJECTIVE To study the fluoride concentration in groundwater and prevalence of dental fluorosis in Didwana block(More)
Adhesive bonding continues to emerge as a preferred route for joining materials with broad applications including advanced structures, microelectronics, biomedical systems, and consumer goods. Here, we study the mechanics of deformation and failure of tensile-loaded single-lap joints with a compliance-tailored adhesive. Tailoring of the adhesive compliance(More)
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