M. Fareed Arif

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The enumeration of minimal unsatisfiable subsets (MUSes) finds a growing number of practical applications, that includes a wide range of diagnosis problems. As a concrete example, the problem of axiom pinpointing in the EL family of description logics (DLs) can be modeled as the enumeration of the group-MUSes of Horn formulae. In turn, axiom pinpointing for(More)
Goal Oriented Requirements Elicitation Process (GOREP) is used to identify the requirements of software using AND/OR graph. Requirements elicitation plays an important role for the identification of software's functional and non-functional requirements. The objective of this paper is twofold; firstly, we classify different requirements elicitation(More)
The Normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS) algorithm belongs to gradient class of adaptive algorithm which provides the solution to the slow convergence of the Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm. Motivated by the recently explored q-gradient in the field of adaptive filtering, we developed here a q-gradient based NLMS algorithm. More specifically, we replace(More)
In this work an optimum error nonlinearity is derived for the channel estimation in the existence of class-A impulsive noise. The main idea of the design is based on minimizing the steady-state error to reach the limit dictated by the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) of the implicit estimation process. By using the proposed method, optimum error nonlinearity(More)
INTRODUCTION Successful root canal treatment depends on proper diagnosis, adequate cleaning and shaping and finally three-dimensional obturation of the root canal system. It is generally accepted that incomplete root canal obturation which may permit penetration of microorganisms and their toxins is an important cause of endodontic failures. The Washington(More)
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