M. Faraz Rafi

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A sequential evolution of actions, in conjunction with the preconditions of their environment and their effects, are all depicted by Activation Timed Influence Nets. In this paper, we develop two algorithms for the optimal selections of such actions, given a set of preconditions. A special case for the two algorithms is also considered where the selection(More)
Activation Timed Influence Net (ATIN) is a term representing a progressively evolving sequence of actions, where the effects of an action become the preconditions of the action that follows. An ATIN integrates the notions of time and uncertainty in a network model, where nodes explicitly represent mechanisms and/or tactical actions that are responsible for(More)
There are several tools available for code clones detection and removal. Over the last few years much research has been done on assessment of these tools. Every tool has its efficiencies and deficiencies which researchers tried to evaluate. But the imperative point that we observed while analyzing these assessments is that there is no benchmark defined in(More)
The Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a collection of technologies which protect the copyright holder's revenue by protecting their digital works, based on a secure architecture and respect of law, against any illegal use. We studied in this paper, different DRM architectures. It has been noted that they are restricted to audio and video contents and the(More)
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