M. Faraz Rafi

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Heart attack is a global leading cause of death for both gender and the occurrence is not always known to us. Usually Heart Rate Calculation has traditionally been conducted using specialized hardware or device. It used most commonly in the form of pulse oximeters or Electrocardiogram devices. though these devices have higher method and they are reliable to(More)
A sequential evolution of actions, in conjunction with the preconditions of their environment and their effects, are all depicted by Activation Timed Influence Nets. In this paper, we develop two algorithms for the optimal selections of such actions, given a set of preconditions. A special case for the two algorithms is also considered where the selection(More)
Activation Timed Influence Net (ATIN) is a term representing a progressively evolving sequence of actions, where the effects of an action become the preconditions of the action that follows. An ATIN integrates the notions of time and uncertainty in a network model, where nodes explicitly represent mechanisms and/or tactical actions that are responsible for(More)
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