M. Farahmand

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Network anomaly detection is an active research area. Behavior recognition of traffic is a process by which the ongoing observed behavior of a host is tracked and compared by a given model. Various methods for behavior recognition exist. But incorporation of Hidden Markov Models (HMM's) for anomaly detection (ARP anomaly detection, especially) is a novel(More)
Worms use different methods to propagate in networks. One of these methods is by means of broadcasting packets. Broadcasted packets occupy high percentage of network bandwidth, and abnormal broadcast traffic analysis could be a useful method for detecting network problems and infected hosts. In this paper a new method for detecting ARP abnormal traffic in a(More)
This paper describes the actuator saturation problem and its solution. Actuator saturation is one the practical problem in control of various systems. Even it might cause instability. In this article we describe different problems that are caused by saturation. After that a method is proposed to remedy the effect of it. In the proposed method this problem(More)
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