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Nitrites and nitrates are often responsible for methemoglobinemy. Infants, on account of their greater sensibility to oxidizing agents, are particularly liable to poison by nitrates and nitrites. Sodium nitrite can be responsible for poisoning after accidental ingestion or owing to an overdose when preparing salt provisions, or because it has been mistaken(More)
The authors have observed 11 cases of Volkmann's ischemia in the lower limb. The main deformity was of equinus. 10 patients were operated on. In 8 cases, arthrolysis was performed with good results in 7 cases. In 2 cases an ankle arthrodesis was done with one good result and one secondary amputation. The surgical technique of the arthrolysis is described.(More)
From history-taking and from analysis of plasma salicylate levels it is shown that a link exists between aspirin and gastrointestinal bleeding in 68% of cases. Salicylate levels alone indicate that aspirin has been taken in 22% of cases. Plasma salicylate measurement and endoscopy allow a better understanding of haemorrhagic lesions due to aspirin. Aspirin(More)
AIM Fear of dystocia during breech delivery brings obstetrical teams to choose elective caesarean sections. However, some patients with breech presentations will be in labour before the date scheduled and caesarean delivery during labour increases maternal morbidity. Therefore, this situation raises the question about the relevance of labour trial for(More)
INTRODUCTION Painful peripheral oligoarthritis can reveal ankylosing spondylitis. In some instances, an acral pitting edema can be the sign of this affection. CASE REPORT A 39-year-old man, with no significant previous medical history, consulted in a dermatology department for acral pain and edema of both feet, which were exacerbated during the second(More)