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Cadmium and zinc concentrations were determined in hepatopancreatic tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis, reared in three non-contaminated hatcheries of the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea). Mussels were collected in 13 sampling exits with monthly frequency for verifying possible seasonal variations. Freeze dried hepatopancreatic tissues were(More)
In this work we propose an in-depth study of elastic wave propagation in thin plates. We show that at the frequency range of interest and for modest plate thicknesses, the only waves that can be excited and propagate in the structure are guided waves (also called Lamb waves). This propagation modeling approach is based on the theory of Viktorov. The elastic(More)
Lutzomyia longipalpis was recorded for the first time in Argentina in 2004, in the province of Formosa. In the following years, the vector spread to the south and west in the country and was recorded in the province of Chaco in 2010. From November 2010-May 2012, captures of Phlebotominae were made in the city of Resistencia and its surroundings, to monitor(More)
Aim of this paper is to present the results of a survey, performed in a teaching hospital of Rome, in order to evaluate the fungal air pollution of operating theatres (OTs) in which also high risk patients underwent an operation. The study was performed in 14 OTs. In each OT, 9 air samples were collected, using an active sampler SAS-PBI. Rodac plates with(More)
The appearance of the vector of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) Lutzomyia longipalpis in the province of Formosa in 2004 was associated with urban epidemic risk for the first time in Argentina. During 2006, vectors, canine and human cases of VL were reported in the province of Misiones, and in summer 2008-2009, in the province of Corrientes. In Santiago del(More)
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