M. F. Taylor

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Structured argumentation tools are software-based cognitive aids intended to help information analysts more rigorously develop and communicate the reasoning behind their conclusions. Some of these tools employ Toulmin's argument formalism, but there has been no controlled research demonstrating the formalism's effectiveness in supporting argument evaluation(More)
Since their inception, micro-size light emitting diode (µLED) arrays based on III-nitride semiconductors have emerged as a promising technology for a range of applications. This paper provides an overview on a decade progresses on realizing III-nitride µLED based high voltage single-chip AC/DC-LEDs without power converters to address the key compatibility(More)
Effective conservation management for climate adaptation rests on understanding the factors driving species' vulnerability in a spatially explicit manner so as to direct on-ground action. However, there have been only few attempts to map the spatial distribution of the factors driving vulnerability to climate change. Here we conduct a species-level(More)
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