M. F. St. Onge

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Transection of the spinal cord in a series of Long Evans hooded rats results in a rapid degeneration of elements of the neuropil and white matter adjacent to the lesion site, and in the appearance of a wide variety of reactive cellular elements which ingest necrotic debris and produce a connective tissue matrix in the defect left by the lesion. Included(More)
In a previous study we reported that castration of adult male rats resulted in femoral osteoporosis 4 months later. The present study tested the effects of dichloromethylene biphosphonate (Cl2MBP, formerly Cl2MDP), a bone resorption inhibitor, on the development of osteoporosis in femora of adult castrated male rats. One-year-old male Holtzman rats were(More)
Nut consumption is clearly related to human health outcomes. Its beneficial effects have been mainly attributed to nut fatty acid profiles and content of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and phenolics. However, in this review we focus on the prebiotics properties in humans of the non-bioaccessible material of nuts (polymerized(More)
Differences between 24 female and 35 male clients were assessed at entry into an intensive case management program serving homeless shelter residents and again nine months later. Both men and women were socially isolated, with small social networks and severe deficits in social functioning. Histories of homelessness were similar for both genders, and there(More)
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