M. F. Menke

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The amino acid sequence rules that specify beta-sheet structure in proteins remain obscure. A subclass of beta-sheet proteins, parallel beta-helices, represent a processive folding of the chain into an elongated topologically simpler fold than globular beta-sheets. In this paper, we present a computational approach that predicts the right-handed parallel(More)
The recent explosion in newly sequenced bacterial genomes is outpacing the capacity of researchers to try to assign functional annotation to all the new proteins. Hence, computational methods that can help predict structural motifs provide increasingly important clues in helping to determine how these proteins might function. We introduce a Markov Random(More)
This paper presents the analysis and design of an LED driver based on the series-resonant converter (SRC) and on the self-oscillating command circuit (SOCC). The use of SRC provides a reduction of the low frequency (LF) ripple in the LEDs' current, originated by the voltage ripple in the output of the power factor correction (PFC) stage (bus voltage(More)
This paper presents a comparative analysis of dimmable self-oscillating electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps. A review of general dimming methods presented in the literature is performed. A general analysis of each dimming method is made, and the operation with power factor correction was considered in order to evaluate the characteristic of each(More)
This paper presents electronic ballast with dimming capability supplying a 32 W fluorescent lamp. The electronic ballast is a self-oscillating driving circuit with an additional circuit responsible for dimming the fluorescent lamp based on a signal from a lighting dependent resistor. This luminous sensor measures the luminous flux level and set the lamp(More)
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