M. F. M. Idros

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Ionosphere layer is an important medium in communication system. At this layer where the total electron content exist because of ionization by the Sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile the night side ionosphere electron content is reduced by chemical recombination. Maximum Total Electron Content (TEC) was detected at 0500 Local Time Clock (LTC) and(More)
Today, the need for high performance computation method for align biological sequence has increased due to exponential growth of biological sequence databases. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to study and investigate the potential of graph theory algorithm approach for optimizing the alignment process of DNA sequences towards determines the region of(More)
This paper presents the quantitative analysis of spectroscopy measurement for engine oil degradation prediction due to the temperature effect. The main objective of this project is to study the behavior of engine oil if the continues high temperature are applied to the engine oil as compared to the effect of running condition. Two types of engine oil were(More)
This paper presents the optical analysis of transmittance variation in lubricant oil due to the oxidation by using Embedded MATLAB Function (EMF) tools. Recently, the increasing amount of used engine oil is due to the car's manufacturer that recommended users to change their engine oil at a constant time or according to mileage interval. This will make a(More)
Engine oil is an essential type of lubricant normally used by internal combustion engines. The main job is to lubricate moving part of the engine. Engine oil is also performed to clean, inhibits corrosion and cools the engine by sinking the heat away from the main structure of the engine. However, the viscosity of the engine oil varies with respect to(More)
This project describes the development of a gait shoe system that's capable to continuous monitoring the gait analysis by using the Internet of Things (IoT) or wireless system approach. The system consists of two bend sensors, one ultrasound sensor, Intel Edison, Minnow board, Bluetooth module, mobile application and a database system. Currently, gait(More)
Efficient sequence alignment is one of the most important and challenging activities in bioinformatics. Many algorithms have been proposed to perform and accelerate sequence alignment activities. Among them Smith-Waterman (S-W) is the most sensitive (accurate) algorithm. This paper presents a novel approach and analysis of High Performance and Low Power(More)
Nowadays, the pollution of environment caused by used engine oil became one of the current global issues. One quart of oil can create a two-acre sized oil slick, and a gallon of oil can pollute a million gallons of fresh water. Some studies said that oil pollution caused 20 years for the environment to recover to its original condition [1]. This paper(More)
This paper presents the development of the prediction algorithm of lubricant degradation based on Beer Lambert's transmittance theory by using Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR). Recently, an increasing amount of wasted lubricant has been due to the unnecessary changing of lubricant even though the lubricant still remains its lubrication behavior. Therefore,(More)
Engine oil is used to lubricate and to seal internal combustion engines in order to reduce the friction between the surfaces of mechanical parts. Currently, the decision of changing the lubricant is based on mileage that recommended by the manufacturer where it will causes the frequent change that necessary. Many techniques of monitoring the lubricant(More)