M F Lieberman

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Thirty-one normal human anterior optic nerves were studied in thin serial sections and their vessels stained by standard histologic stains and a new modification of the silver reticulin stain. The retrolaminar cribrosa was profusely supplied by centripetal and longitudinal vessels of pial origin; small branches of the central retinal artery were also seen.(More)
The first two visual field examinations of each of 16 glaucoma suspects and 16 glaucoma patients, who were followed up for a median of 7.46 years with seven examinations, were averaged. Three-dimensional color-coded images of the visual field were then generated. After correcting for test-retest variability, the images, as well as additional interpolated(More)
The presence of visual field anomalies was measured using Goldmann kinetic perimetry in twelve patients, age 7 to 39 with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Refraction to the cupola was carefully controlled. The visual acuity of the group was good to excellent. Visual field alterations were prechiasmal, generally non-symmetric, and best described as arcuate(More)
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