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GOALS Transcatheter aortic valve or leaflets thrombosis are mainly misapprehended. It negatively impacts the long-term efficiency of such prosthesis. Moreover, its incidence is presumably higher than previously described. EPIDEMIOLOGY Recently reported subclinical leaflet thrombosis, occurring between first to third months after implantation, is about(More)
Routine manual thrombectomy during primary percutaneous coronary intervention might be intuitively justified. While older registers reported contradictory results, interventional cardiologists remained interested in using such devices during the mechanical treatment of acute myocardial infarction. The first studies were congruent to demonstrate a(More)
Road selection for hazardous materials transportation relies heavily on risk analysis. With risk being generally expressed as a product of the probability of occurrence and the expected consequence, one will understand that risk analysis is data intensive. However, various authors have noticed the lack of statistical reliability of hazmat accident databases(More)
Screening of myocardial ischemia refers to the use of one or more diagnostic tests for coronary heart disease with a dual objective of appropriateness and promptness. In women, as compared to men, the accuracy of the different tests is worse. Thus, to overcome this sex-related penalty, we must define a diagnosis strategy based on risk stratification,(More)
In current practice, arteriograpy is already acknowledged, at the present time, as a method of primary importance which cannot be dispensed withfor diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. By opposition, considering pathology of the peripheric nerves, arteriography is often overlooked before chirurgical exploration though it affords the same advantages as in the(More)
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