M. F. J. Cepeda

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This paper reviews state-of-the-art microwave ablation (MWA) of tumors. MWA is a novel method for treating inoperable tumors, ie, tumors that cannot be treated surgically. However, patients generally choose removal of the tumor by conventional techniques. A literature review of MWA for breast, liver, lung, and kidney tumors is reported here, with tabulation(More)
Most phantom models do not include distinct definitions of tumor and normal tissue. This article proposes a novel solid breast - tumor phantom for microwave hyperthermia in breast cancer treatment. According to tissue dielectric properties reported, we performed phantom. A Network Analyzer and Dielectric Probe Kit measured dielectric constant and electrical(More)
An early detection of small breast lesions by mammography screening may facilitate the cancer treatment by minimally or noninvasive techniques. Recently, new therapies than traditional surgery have been explored to satisfy these demands. Additionally ablative treatments have started to become viable alternative methods to treat patients who cannot be(More)
This paper describes the procedure to make a realistic and novel breast and breast cancer phantoms in order to mimic acoustic and geometric properties of the woman breast. Comparing the propagation speed of sound in our phantoms with others papers, we achieved 96.34 % of similarity in breast phantoms and 96.99 % of similarity in breast cancer phantoms by(More)
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