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The procedure CUBGCV is an implementation of a recently developed algorithm for fast <italic>O(n)</italic> calculation of a cubic smoothing spline fitted to <italic>n</italic> noisy data points, with the degree of smoothing chosen to minimize the expected mean square error at the data points when the variance of the error associated with the data is known,(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Environmental modelling often requires knowledge of the values of certain climatic variables at locations where no such information is available. When this is the case, one must rely on interpolated values derived from climatic data recorded at surrounding locations. The accuracy of the interpolated field, however, can often be critically(More)
The rhodium(III)-catalyzed hydroarylation of internal alkynes is described. Good yields are obtained for a variety of alkynes, and excellent regioselectivity is observed for unsymmetrically substituted alkynes. The reaction also gives good yields for a range of arenes. Preliminary mechanistic investigations suggest that this reaction proceeds through arene(More)
The Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling is one of the most often utilized reactions in the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds and conjugated materials. In its most common form, the reaction joins two sp(2)-functionalized carbon atoms to make a biaryl or diene/polyene unit. These substructures are widely found in natural products and small molecules and thus(More)
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