M F García-Parajó

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The precursor formamide 1 was employed instead of the monomer 2 because isocyanides are relatively unstable in air at room temperature. [19] a) [20] Molecular modeling shows that (in common with the phenyl benzo-ate compounds previously described [17]) an angle exists between the planar phenoxy and TTF ring systems. [21] The oxidation of the polymer was(More)
Recent studies on the newly cloned red fluorescence protein DsRed from the Discosoma genus have shown its tremendous advantages: bright red fluorescence and high resistance against photobleaching. However, it has also become clear that the protein forms closely packed tetramers, and there is indication for incomplete protein maturation with unknown(More)
We present the first experimental proof of the influence of a nearby nano-sized metal object on the angular photon emission by a single molecule. A novel angular sensitive detection scheme is implemented in an existing near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM). The positioning accuracy ( approximately 1 nm) of the NSOM allows a systematic investigation(More)
Single-molecule detection and analysis of organic fluorescent molecules and proteins are presented, with emphasis on the underlying principles, methodology and the application of single-molecule analysis at room temperature. This Minireview is mainly focused on the application of confocal and near-field optical microscopy to investigate the photodynamics of(More)
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