M. F. Elkordy

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Withmost of the radio spectrum already allocated, cognitive radio acts as a promising solution to the spectrum scarcity problem. Increasing the secondary throughput without making interference to the primary user (PU) is amajor challenge. In this paper, the secondary throughput is maximized under power constraints by obtaining an optimum value of the relay(More)
w w w . i j e c t . o r g Abstract In the present paper have investigated the effect of replacement of Te by Si on the optical gap and some other physical operating parameters of a quaternary chalcogenide As30Ge10Te60-xSix (where x = 0, 5, 10, 12 and 20 at %) thin films. Thin films with thickness 100-200 nm of As30Ge10Te60-xSix were prepared by thermal(More)
In this paper wepresent the analysis of superconducting microstrip lines in which the effect of finite complex conductivity is taken into account, through the equivalent circuit concept with transverse resonance technique. In our study a modified circuit has been used to compute the superconducting strip losses, through using a series of testing and basis(More)
Abstract Various schematics for colpitts oscillator with fixed ultra-high frequency using either LC tank circuits or one port surface acoustic wave resonator arepresented. Four circuits used to achieve 433.9 MHz oscillating frequency, Two of them using NPN Bipolar junction transistor, while the others using operational amplifier with high speed, gain and(More)
A Simple novel tool has been developed to model and simulate SAW filter devices. GNU Concave; Freeware tool with open source coding has been used to specify a basic model for SAW delay lines and filters. This paper presents a way for obtaining the essential parameters of design and development of SAW devices as insertion loss. Other parameters were also(More)
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