M. F. Delauw

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Polymorphism in restriction site cleavage (PstI, SphI, PvuII, HindIII) has been noticed in several occasions in the telomeric sequences harbouring trypanosome variant-specific antigen genes (1, 2, 3). This polymorphism has been further investigated and seems best interpreted as due to partial DNA modification in GC dinucleotides. The actively transcribed(More)
In the Trypanosoma b. brucei AnTat 1.1C clone, the gene coding for the variant-specific surface antigen is telomeric and appears as a hybrid sequence, partially modified by gene conversion. This conversion is very similar to that observed in another AnTat 1.1-expressor clone (AnTat 1.1B). This sequence is not activated by duplicative transposition, although(More)
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