M. F. Colinas

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In this paper, we propose a model of versions which manages simple and composite objects. In our model, we have identified two types of versions : class versions [ 101 [24] and instance versions [6] [8]. These different versions are linked to each other by different relationships. A mechanism for the automatic propagation of versions [13] [24] for composite(More)
Most plastid isoprenoids, including photosynthesis-related metabolites such as carotenoids and the side chain of chlorophylls, tocopherols (vitamin E), phylloquinones (vitamin K), and plastoquinones, derive from geranylgeranyl diphosphate (GGPP) synthesized by GGPP synthase (GGPPS) enzymes. Seven out of 10 functional GGPPS isozymes in Arabidopsis thaliana(More)
Monoterpenoid indole alkaloids (MIAs) are plant defense compounds and high-value pharmaceuticals. Biosynthesis of the universal MIA precursor, secologanin, is organized between internal phloem-associated parenchyma (IPAP) and epidermis cells. Transporters for intercellular transport of proposed mobile pathway intermediates have remained elusive. Screening(More)
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